How to draw Bézier curves in Maya | tutorial

This Maya tutorial shows how to draw Bézier curves using the Bézier Curves tool. Watch more at

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter four of the Maya 2011 Essential Training course presented by author George Maestri. The complete Maya 2011 Essential Training course has a total duration of 9 hours and covers object creation and modeling basics, shading and texturing, surface mapping techniques, character rigging, and more

Maya 2011 Essential Training table of contents:

1. Getting Started in Maya 2011
2. Polygonal Modeling Techniques
3. Refining Polygonal Models
4. NURBS Modeling Techniques
5. Refining NURBS Models
6. Organizing Maya Scenes
7. Creating Materials
8. Applying Textures
9. Basic Deformations and Rigging
10. Animating in Maya
11. Rendering in Maya