How to Make a Prototype in Adobe XD CC | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to design a simple, yet elegant mobile app layout. Then, wire interactions to simulate the user experience.

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

Design your prototype:

1. Open an .xd document, or use ours (prototype.xd).
2. Click the gray thumbnail on the artboard, then click Repeat Grid. Drag the green handle to the right until 3 thumbnails appear.

Tip: If necessary, put the cursor between the thumbnails and drag the gutter in or out until the thumbnails are centered.

3. Open Finder on Mac, or Explorer on Windows, then drag the 3 images from the knots_details folder on to the thumbnail Repeat Grid.
4. Click the green border of the Repeat Grid and drag the 3 thumbnails below the artboard.
5. Make 2 copies of the artboard: Click the artboard name, select Edit – Duplicate. Do this twice to create 2 artboards.

Tip: you can also use Cmd+D on Mac, or Ctrl+D on Windows, to duplicate.

6. Click the gradient on the leftmost artboard, choose Edit – Copy, then Edit – Paste.
7. Click Repeat Grid and pull the green handle to create 3 copies of the rectangle. Place your cursor between images and drag until the margin is equal to the distance between artboards – in the example, the margins are 70px.
8. Drag the 3 images from the knots_full folder on to the Repeat Grid, then click the pasteboard (the gray area) to deselect the Repeat Grid.
9. Click the Repeat Grid to reselect it, right click and choose Ungroup Grid, then right click and choose Send to Back.
10. Cmd+click (on Mac), Ctrl+click on Windows, the product name, double click to highlight it and type “Mustard floor cushion”.
11. Right click the outer edge of the text box and select Update All Symbols. Double click the text in the 2nd artboard and change “Mustard” to “Royal Blue” and the 3rd artboard to “Red Wine”.

Wire your prototype:

1. Click Prototype at the top to change to the Prototype workspace.
2. Cmd+click, or Ctrl+click, on the thumbnail on the left, drag the little white arrow to the first artboard, and set the Transition to None. Repeat to connect the blue and red thumbnails to the corresponding artboards.
Tip: The Transition, Easing, and Duration default to the previous settings so you don’t have to change these each time.
3. Click the set of 3 thumbnails, select Edit – Cut.
4. Click the 1st artboard title and select Edit – Paste. Repeat for the remaining 2 artboards. Shift+click all 3 thumbnails and drag to align just below the large image on the artboards.
5. Click Desktop Preview and click each thumbnail to preview the prototype.

That’s it!

To learn, more visit our Adobe XD CC Tutorials page:



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